Cyber Adviser to Investors

As categorised by the World Economic Forum, cyber-attacks are the third most likely global risk for 2018, behind extreme weather conditions and natural disasters.

Coupled with the continual increase in cyber incidents and attacks facing individuals and corporations alike, there has been an increase in innovations seeking investment guidance from venture capital funds and other funding vehicles.

Cambridge Cyber Advisers are engaged by several funds in order to support their investment decision process on a retained and ad-hoc basis. With years of experience, they can validate the claims and approach of the security company and identify if the solution or product is truly innovative and trying and solve a real-world problem.

By sitting on the board of the start-up as an expert adviser on behalf of the VC fund, they can ensure that the direction of the company is maintained. Also, Cambridge Cyber Advisers can guarantee that the start-up has access to the right level of decision makers within the security industry; this is to trial the product and get the most valuable feedback to refine it through the development process.

If expert advice is required for the investment decision process of your company, contact Cambridge Cyber Advisers today.