Cyber Adviser to Security Start-Ups

Nothing is more exciting than working with the companies and innovators who are creating the products and services to tackle the problems faced today, as well as tomorrow.

With strong connections to the global security start-up space, Cambridge Cyber Advisers can support security start-up companies by refining concepts and ideas towards the relevant target market, using their insights and experience.

It is rare to find the leadership of a security start-up actually having the background and experience of running the security function within a large global enterprise. Luckily, it is the CISO that will be buying the product or service, so their experts can make sure it meets the requirements.

Cambridge Cyber Advisers have a clear understanding of the solution space that is currently available for cyber security products and services, always taking the details into consideration. How enterprises operate and run the business, what tools and technologies are required to integrate with the product, what reporting and management information is required, and what features and ways of working that enable the product to stand out from the crowd.

Also, by introducing organisations through their network of complementary technologies and companies, Cambridge Cyber Advisers could lead start-ups to potential partners to make their products more holistic.

Presenting many opportunities to refine new security products and gaining success for multiple start-up businesses, contact Cambridge Cyber Advisers today for advice and insights.