Security Market Insights & Guidance

The 1000’s of products and services that are available in the security sector today can be very daunting. CISO’s are trying to pull a holistic defence and in-depth security strategy together that covers all of the angles, but will likely contain many different security vendors.

The obvious next step when selling the strategy to the business, which can be quite a challenge, is the questions and queries that surround it:

    • Why do we need this amount of resource?
    • Why are we using this technology when we have always done it this way?
    • And, the key question that always gets asked, “What do others do in this space?”

Cambridge Cyber Advisers have an unrivalled network of connections in the security leadership space, so it is easy to put companies in contact with people who have already successfully addressed familiar issues and can help support internal business cases.

As well as this, they are also well connected with security vendors and are engaged in scouting activities in Silicon Valley and Israel. Partnerships with venture capital funds gives great insights to start-up organisations and can identify and help them refine their solutions.

With Cambridge Cyber Advisers’ retainer service, their experts can be on site with organisations for a certain number of days, so in turn there is an accessible, dedicated cyber consultant to answer any questions or clarify an approach.

This network of people lends itself very well to supporting and gathering the insights and guidance companies require for security matters, contact us today for more information.