CISO On-Boarding

Is a Director of Information Security the same as a CISO? Is one CISO the same as another? Can CISO’s cross different sectors and still be effective?

One of Cambridge Cyber Advisers’ most popular services is helping companies find the right security leader. Although not a recruitment agency or head-hunter, they can work with chosen recruiters to make sure the right candidates for individual businesses are accessible.

Who will be performing the recruitment? Who knows more about security than the CISO? With the plethora of different backgrounds and experience culminating in people with a CISO title, how can it be determined which one is the best fit in terms of background and experience, based on the organisation’s security journey and the nature of the business?

Cambridge Cyber Advisers specialise in working with companies who need to identify permanent or interim leadership for security function. Unlike major head-hunters, there are no ties with any non-compete contracts so the full market is completely accessible and there is full visibility of the talent and potential fit for every company.

By carrying out the initial screening of candidates, validating security experience and capability, and asking the right questions, it is ensured that there will be a shortlist of capable, credible CISO candidates that are the right fit for individual companies and the role that is aiming to be filled.

Are you looking for a CISO position to be filled? Contact Cambridge Cyber Advisers for more information today.