Cyber Transformation Assurance

Most companies are responding to the increasing wave of cyber incidents that have been seen across the globe by investing in a cyber transformation programme of activities. These programmes are typically multi-year, with medium to long-term risk reduction, and can cost multi-millions of pounds, depending on the size of the company.

However, Cambridge Cyber Advisers’ experience shows that few initiatives start with all the right contributions to what the real security challenges are that the company is facing. Many programmes are devised on the instinct of the technology and security leadership and what the key challenges are that the company faces today, not thinking strategically in nature. All too often, these programmes deliver their outcomes but the company still remains vulnerable to attack, as the true threat landscape wasn’t assessed and therefore the scope of the programme was never holistic at the outset..

Having led and successfully delivered security transformation programmes for some of the world’s largest brands, as well as start-up’s and scale up’s, Cambridge Cyber Advisers are uniquely positioned to give insights and guidance to the executive and delivery team. They can ensure that the current approach is based on solid understanding of the threats and risks the organisation is facing, that the outcome has been clearly defined and progress is tracking correctly.

Sponsorship will be given to the programme and ensure clear management information is being presented to the executive team and, if appropriate, the board. This will demonstrate the improvements and progress that is being made or ensure that failing programmes are given the direction needed to get back on track.

The benefit to this service is clear: organisations are investing heavily into security programmes, but the programme needs to guarantee that it is holistic in its scope and has effectively been prioritised based on the risk preferences of the organisation. The outcome and assurance is clearly defined at the outset, so only then will companies have a security programme that delivers the right solution for both the organisation and its customers.

Does your Cyber Transformation Programme need expert assurance? Contact Cambridge Cyber Advisers today for some guidance and advice.