Security Knowledge Transfer

“Only 10% of companies deliver cyber training to their boards”

UK Government Research Aug 17

Being responsible for running a business in today’s world is highly challenging, in part due to the significant impact that technology has inflicted and the way businesses are having to change how they interact with their customers.

The company’s security programme is extremely complex in terms of the scale of the subject matter; if an effective strategy isn’t executed properly, there may be negative impact to the company’s brand and reputation.

One of the biggest challenges that companies are facing today is achieving a clear understanding of the security status. The way security should be approached within companies is constantly evolving; security, by its very nature, is reactive to the threat and risk environment so it has to change to keep up, to remain relevant and to be able to protect the organisation.

The Security Knowledge Transfer Service is for anyone that requires training and insights on cyber security. The process starts with a short discussion with the team to gauge the current level of understanding and specific requirements. Then, a completely bespoke and tailored knowledge transfer session is created and personally delivered to your specific location, or at Cambridge Cyber Advisers’ training facility in Cambridge which can cater for groups up to 100 people.

Sessions are interactive with demonstrations and real-world examples, in most cases using reference information on the individuals in the room and the company to bring the material and scenarios to life for a deeper understanding of the topic.

Previous clients have commented that for the first time they clearly understand the context and terminology of the security, reporting that they feel confident in providing a robust challenge.

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