Security Strategy Review & Assurance

All too often, as organisations adopt new ways of interacting with their customers and embrace technologies, such as Internet of things and Cloud Computing, security teams struggle to cope with the level of business transformation.

Frequently, the setting and agreement of the company’s security strategy is overlooked in favour of fighting today’s fires and supporting important business initiatives with security advice and guidance.

Answer these questions:

    • What is the security strategy in place today?
    • What are the key pillars of activities that are driven?
    • What does the outcome look like for each of them?

Many organisations still feel challenged when articulating what their strategy is. Time and time again, the activities performed by the security function are derived from security incidents and issues that need addressing, as well as audit findings, regulatory requests and challenges relating to the IT estate.

This is typical of an organisation without a security strategy; it is reactive in nature and is always on firefighting mode because the strategic initiatives that would improve the situation over time are not being delivered.

Cambridge Cyber Advisers specialise in turning this situation around and supporting organisations throughout their journey, resulting in a clear security strategy that supports and underpins their business strategy.

By effectively managing the finite resources of the security and IT teams, as well as specialist methodology, the organisation is given the insights to ensure that it is addressing the highest risk areas in a prioritised order so will demonstrate significant risk reduction.

Security strategies should encompass and factor in the way businesses operate: customer interaction, IT estate compliance, threat intelligence and numerous other factors, and, as experts, Cambridge Cyber Advisers will bring clarity and clear outcomes to every programme.

With a successful security strategy, the daily, consuming activities of the security team are managed which allows the team to turn from being a fire-fighting reactive team into a pro-active responsive team that can underpin and support the business effectively.

Does your security strategy need reviewing? Contact Cambridge Cyber Advisers today.