Trusted Board Advisory

“Only 5% of FTSE100 companies have board members with specialist technology or cyber security experience”

Deloitte Feb 2017

Navigating the complex, cyber environment, that companies of all shapes and sizes find themselves in today, can be challenging and difficult. With increasing legislation and regulation, coupled with customer expectations around the protection of sensitive assets and data, it is vital that the leadership of the company understands the current security posture and the activities that need to be performed.

Over the recent years, media channels have documented the challenges some have faced when organisations have not been proactive in regards to addressing security weaknesses.

In the current environment, it is highly likely that companies have commenced or delivered a security transformation initiative, but how do the executive team and the board gain independent assurance over the effectiveness? Does the current capability afford sufficient protection? If so, from what level of attacker?

Cambridge Cyber Advisers are utilised by the executive and non-executive board of directors, Audit Committee Chairs and the companies leadership team, and act as a trusted, long-term cyber adviser by operating in an advisory or non-executive capacity.

By helping to effectively manage and discharge fiduciary responsibilities in relation to cyber security, the right outcome for individual customers will be achieved. Also, they are able to attend meetings with regulatory bodies, such as the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority, and accompany the Chairman or designated board cyber representative, as an expert adviser on cyber-based topics.

The advantages of long-term engagement is that Cambridge Cyber Advisers get to understand the organisation and what the current cyber situational awareness is, in terms of being able to capably detect, respond and mitigate typical cyber threats, which is ultimately the result of the cyber programme.

The benefit of using Cambridge Cyber Advisers service is that it brings immediate cyber expertise to the board, and can ensure the long-term improvement of the cyber programme, in order to demonstrate to the customer base that cyber security is taken seriously within the organisation.

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