Cyber Red Teaming

Cambridge Cyber Advisers believe that an organisation does not know it’s true security posture without carrying out regular security red teaming across its environment. No amount of compliance testing against security policies or assessing of controls framework will suffice without performing effective red teaming.

Red teaming is using skilled, ethically motivated security professionals to emulate the activities of un-ethically motivated people, stress testing capabilities and the environment to gauge how effective they would be if the attack was real.

By factoring in the current capabilities of the organisation, the challenges that exist around the IT environment, how the organisation is geographically spread and how they interconnect with suppliers and 3rd parties, Cambridge Cyber Advisers’ focus is on augmenting existing compliance controls framework with a new threat-led approach. This method is proven to deliver the right insights and results that the company is looking for.

Combining this with a bespoke threat assessment to identify the threat actors that are targeting others in the sector, and by running real ethical hacking tests against the environment and the internal team, it is likely that, for the first time, the company will gain a clear understanding of the their security posture and the resilience to defend against attacks.

Also, the ability to secure an organisation can be improved by embedding a clear management information reporting process that is based on industry best practice. It will ensure that the leadership team can direct future remediation efforts and investment into the areas that would provide the most benefit from a material risk reduction perspective.

Please contact us so we can demonstrate to you how we have radically improved the security posture of some of the world’s largest and most valuable brands by using this approach.