Training & Awareness

Long gone are the days of security awareness campaigns that utilise balloons and mouse mats.

Cambridge Cyber Advisers believe that every single member of the organisation needs to be a virtual participant of the security team; this is in order to clearly understand the role that they play in protecting the organisation. As well as this, it is to ensure that they themselves do not become a target, and if they do, what they have do about it.

By driving security activities in this space, employee awareness and engagement of the security programme will be drastically uplifted in a fun and memorable way.

150+ pages of security policy and standards is not going to be read and fully understood by the average user, so Cambridge Cyber Advisers distil this down to the key messages and present them to the employees so they clearly understand and are engaged.

Moving away from a blame culture into one of openness and collaboration and sharing good and bad experiences which encourage transparency, is important. This ensures employee buy-in so they understand why they are being told this information and what they are required to do about it.

By embedding the security champions network and ambassadors for the security team into various different functions of the company, messages can be refined and users will feel comfortable to alert when incidents happen. This process is supported by Cambridge Cyber Advisers and has shown great success many times.

An organisation’s biggest asset is its people, so invest the time to ensure a safe operating environment for everyone by contacting Cambridge Cyber Advisers today.