Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Cambridge Cyber Advisers recognise that not all companies can justify the expense of having a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer on the permanent payroll, but still understand the importance of embedding appropriate security measures into their strategy. The Virtual Chief Information Security Officer service is designed to cater for these requirements.

Whether the business is large or small, the vCISO ensures easy and immediate accessibility to a world-class CISO that can become a virtual member of the team. No training is required to get up to speed and this service is fully scalable so you only pay for what is needed. The virtual CISO will equip the internal team with strategic capabilities and, with knowledge transfer being our number one priority at Cambridge Cyber Advisers, the experts will teach every your staff member about cyber security so they become self-sufficient over time. Cambridge Cyber Advisers have one of the best security networks in the world, which will enable them to provide complete support on a retained basis or in an interim capacity whilst recruiting a permanent CISO.

The vCISO service can provide information security leadership and guidance, support for security or IT programmes, and assistance with assessing cyber risks within the organisation as well as how to approach them in order to achieve maximum risk reduction.

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